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What is a tour guide or group guide system?
A tour guide or group guide system is used to allow a group of people on a tour to hear the leader the group leader. A tour could be given around an historic site, a factory or any number of places. Using such a system allows all members within the group to hear clearly in noisy situations, when groups are large preventing people hearing the guide directly or perhaps if members have hearing difficulties.

Using a tour guide system ensures everyone can hear clearly, improving understanding, safety and tour guide vocal fatigue.

How does a tour guide system work?
A tour guide system is a radio system which allows a group of people to listen to a tour guide wirelessly. The tour guide speaks into a microphone which is connected to a radio transmitter. The members of the group listen to the guide using an earpiece which is connected to a radio receiver.

Where can a tour guide system be used?
Tour guide systems can be used whenever there is a need to speak to a group of people and there is a possibility that environment, group size or hearing difficulty might impair those listening clearly.

Ideal for:
Museums tour, translation, cruise ships tours, horse rider or equestrian training, churches, factory tours, schools, universities and conferences.

If you have any questions about which system would be suitable, please feel free to get in touch. We’ll be happy to talk you through your needs.
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